Sanaerchi, a philosophy of conscious living and personal empowerment which I developed by working with people as they transitioned through both the difficult and good times in their lives. 

A significant part of my work involves identifying for my clients their hidden/forgotten ideas, beliefs, habits and other reasons for any behaviours which impact on their sense of self and enjoyment of life.  These beliefs, behaviours, etc., are best described by the term “meme” as coined by Richard Dawkins in “The Selfish Gene”, as a mechanism of cultural evolution, for our purpose they are also a mechanism for personal development.  

Clients work with me to identify and understand their “memes”, both intrinsic (personal) and imposed (societal) to provide the foundation for their personal and conscious empowerment, by consciously managing the memes operating within themselves and their community.

Techniques I use include workshop exercises, massage and/or conversation, to aid you to make conscious the ideas and memes you operate reflexively by and allow you to determine if they are positive or negative influences for your growth as an individual, or as part of a family or larger community.  Once you are conscious of these factors in your life you will learn how to actively release the control those memes have had in preventing you from facing new challenges or unexpected changes in your life.  

This extremely powerful program increases your self-awareness, sets you free from the restrictions of your past, and provides you with knowledge and skills to empower your future.  To truly know Who you are, how you operate, when and where and why you need to use your consciousness skills to the benefit of both yourself, your family and your community.

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Healing is a process of letting go – Merril Sana