Body Chemistry

At the very simplest level all things on earth are made out of the chemical elements and this includes our human bodies which are built from and sustained by “chemicals”.  In order to survive we need a constant supply of chemicals ranging from oxygen in the air we breathe to the water we drink and the food we eat.   Of these three components the most complex one is the food we eat, because it needs to provide the essential,

  • proteins, the structural/functional chemicals for our muscles and enzymes
  • carbohydrates, the energy supply for our cells
  • fats, essential for cellular health and as energy storage
  • vitamins, chemicals our bodies can not make
  • minerals, for bones and the operation of our muscles and cells

for us to remain healthy and functional.

As no two people are exactly the same it is impossible to provide a general eating program for everyone, however by approaching your diet consciously and identifying how your body responds to different foods it is possible to develop your own individual eating guide.

A conscious approach to the what we eat will contribute to the way you feel and look.  It also involves personally identifying those foods which bolster and support your life and activities, from those which are addictive, feed particular emotions or are directly harmful.