Exercise 1

  1. Focus inward to feel the sensations of your body and locate any areas of discomfort.
  2. Focus on the area and wait for memories to flow, with patience a particular memory will come forward of a situation or experience over which you most likely had no control or made a less than optimal decision.  You might notice a recurring theme in the memories, indicating that
  3. Associated with the memory is an emotional energy (blockage) which needs to be acknowledged and released (let go of) before you can begin the healing process and use your improved consciousness for better decision making and outcomes in the future.
  4. Once you have a complete conscious understanding of the memory and the energy surrounding it vocalise your acceptance of the knowledge you have gained and tell the energy you no longer require it and imagine it flowing from your body into the earth.

Significant improvement in your physical, mental and conscious enjoyment of life can be experienced, when this and more advanced techniques are done in conjunction with a Sanaerchi practitioner.

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