Language, the use of sounds and symbols to transfer meaning between people gives to words a power. The power to unite and to divide, to comfort and to offend, but most importantly words allow us to communicate ideas and discoveries about the human condition across time and space,  and to investigate and build on those ideas and discoveries and ensure the survival and growth of humanity.

Within ourselves words directed at us or words we direct at others have power as they cause us to respond either consciously or reflexively in a physical, mental and emotional way.  When the response is conscious our decision making skills are working with full information and we will take action appropriate to the meaning, however, when we react reflexively our actions are most likely not going to produce the best outcome

By being conscious of the effects of the words we hear and use and ensuring we understand the meaning of statements directed towards us we are able to respond confidently and appropriately.  Some techniques which are useful in this regard are attentive listening, delayed responses, and critical interpretation.

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