We use our external, internal and mind senses to grow and develop our consciousness of the world and our relationship to and within it.

When our consciousness reflects the external reality of our world, we improve our ability to make decisions, take action and experience and enjoy life.

With our external senses we know a world exists.  Our external senses are receptors for; hearing, touching, seeing, smelling and tasting our environment and they are based on physical/chemical interactions at the molecular level and which our nervous system transforms into information which we understand and respond to accordingly.  For each sense there is a threshold intensity of response which generates a reflexive response.

With our internal senses we are able to coordinate our physical bodies. Our internal senses are; balance, temperature, kinaesthetic (position), pain and time, these are also based on physical/chemical interactions at the molecular level and they provide control over the body to prevent/avoid harm.

With our mind senses we are able to feel our emotional/spiritual self.  Our mind senses are the emotions; right, wrong, joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and anticipation.  The mind senses are not so readily identified within the body at a chemical/physical level and require personal introspection/meditation to fathom meaning from the feelings associated with them.

Sanaerchi seminars, workshops and consultations provide opportunities for you to understand your conscious self and your life.